Terms and conditions of phone call communications and to include services resulting from extension 5

Terms and conditions of phone call communications and to include services resulting from extension 5

By calling our ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ company phone number of 0207 8594870 You legally agree, accept and are legally bound agree to all terms and condition’s cited below , to include any or all of the extension numbers including 5 and whether they do or do not constitute a third party line phone line.

1.1a All information in all phone calls are owned by ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ and any and all intellectual property rights in the phone call recordings including, but not limited to, copyright and database rights and any logos or trademarks or recording signatures and options (whether registered or unregistered) are owned by and remain the property of ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ (or its third party licensor’s as applicable) at all times. All calls may be recorded and monitored for training and or security purposes.

1.1b All information and contents contained within any phone calls are strictly confidential intended and restricted to the sendee only and may not be sent or listened to or recorded by third parties. You are not permitted to share, print, distribute or re-distribute or copy any phone calls or their contents without prior permission in writing from ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’.

1.2a When a call commences to the extension of 5 we the company assume in good faith that you the other party call in regard of our temporary non-membership services.
1.2b When a call commences to any other such extension line we the company assume in good faith that you the other party call in regard of interest in our membership services and or third party partnerships.

1.3A You agree to us the company trading as ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ to only and exclusively make calls to 0207 8594870 followed by the call extension number of 5 with the intention or action of booking one or more specific temporary services that we cite (as are within the facts of the law) are an exclusive business entity existing outside of this company. You accept and agree that these limited temporary services are different by many means, legally different by definition of HMRC independent and exclusive of this company entity and therefore set up entirely differently, may be charged at lesser, higher rates and or differing rates upon different occasions and do not offer the same extensive hours of service due to ZED NEVADA LTD’s intellectual property protection scheme and the utmost of respect to our patrons whom receive the top exclusive level and range of services and benefits in the world in exchange for their membership commitment and discretion both legally obligated and personally assured to benefit both member and agency alike.

1.3B You agree to only and exclusively make calls to 0207 8594870 followed by any other such extension number (forsaking extension 5 )with or without pressing an extension number for the intentions or actions of the serious intention and consideration of entering into a serious, private and covert agreement with ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’.

1.4A You agree that if we the company believe for any reasonable reasons or not that you have been directed by third parties to contact us, that you are in anyway calling as to investigate the company legally trading as ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ or to investigate our director Zed Nevada for the purpose of investigating our company for the purposes of intellectual property copyright, competitors inside information, or any other such reason lawful or unlawful, either on behalf of yourself, another individual or on behalf of any company whatsoever or on behalf or heradling from or in connection with any governmental organistation or any organistation or association whatsoever in any land of an country of any contininent, then we reserve the right to perform a full investigation within the boundaries of the law and you the other party agree to agree to there after the investigation financially pay for of ‘ZED NEVADA LTDS’ private investigation fees within 10 working days of the commencement of the investigation to include 48 hours notification of the investigation.

2.1 You agree not to make any reviews on any platform relating to ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ or the director Zed Nevada or the temporary services or membership services (should a member or venue knowingly covertly book a temporary service , which is strictly legally prohibited by our membership conditions) whatsoever without drafts in writing of the reviews submitted prior to us in writing and in email to be given or refused permission by the company ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’S’ behest.

3.1 We take no responsibility for any perceived or verifiable negligence for any of the temporary services via extension 5.
3.2 For services resulting from extension 5 we reserve the right to direct your call to a third party legal business entity.

4.1 You agree to pay for any such legal action and legal costs of either ‘ZED NEVADA LTD’ the company or Zed Nevada THE director should we decide to pursue legal action against you due to suspicion of investigatory calls (to include call pinging to find out location of the director) or breaches of this contract.

5.1 All terms and conditions are legally binding and final.

5.2 We reserve the right to initiate proceedings in accordance with these terms and conditions as laid out here in a court of England and Wales or in a court for Brussels if there is a conflict of interests and if there is not a conflict of interests officially known but we believe or consider there may be a conflict of interests by way of a covert influence of any proportion whatsoever.

These terms and conditions apply to the courts of England and Wales and apply to the court of Brussels.