Make-up services / Hair and make-up set packages

The Make-Up Services use the best Mineral and natural based Make-up products, & Make-up created for HD camera and all day wear, All Brushes are cruelty free.

Day Wear Make-Up, up to 50 minutes
Evening Wear Make-up ,up to 1 hour.

Addon services
Add Full Contouring, up to an extra 15 minutes
Add False Eyelash set up to 10 minutes extra
Add Singles and Mini-sets bespoke eyelashes

Lasts from 1 day, up to 3 days if kept away from steam & oil

Hair & Make-Up Combination Packages
Treat yourself or pamper someone with a complete package

Red carpet event

Up to 2 hours & 20 minutes

Hair-up or Pro-Dry & Make-up includes up to Full Contouring & false lashes set or singles and minis

Day Wear Beautiful

Up to 2 hours

Rejuvenating Hair Pro-Dry or Hair-up & Day Wear Make-up

Evening Out

Up to 2 hours

Hair-up or Pro-dry, Make-up Includes Evening Wear Make-up, Semi Contouring